Gary Styers

Profile Updated: March 9, 2019
Residing In: Winston-Salem, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Patsy (Wall) Styers
Occupation: Minister
Children: Gary II
Tell us about your grandchildren --

Kaylee, 13 years old. A wonderful blessing to our family. After battling health problems for years, she has been doing better. Asthma being her main problem.


I have remained in the Winston-Salem area working for several Printing Companies, including having my own business for seven years. Then going to work for Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, I worked for Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem in their Printing Ministry before leaving in 2004 to enter the ministry full time at Liberty Baptist Church. I still have a Print Shop in my basement and I occasionally print items for churches and businesses.
I married my high school sweet heart, the love of my life, Patsy Wall. We have one son, who is the Fire Marshall in Forsyth County. I have been a member of the Mineral Springs Volunteer Fire & Rescue for many years and now am on the Board of Directors.
About a year after graduating East, I accepted Christ as my saviour. Shortly thereafter, Patsy & I left Gospel Light to help her parents start a church in Kernersville. While there, I surrendered my life to the ministry. In 1978, Patsy & I started the Liberty Baptist Church in Walkertown. After about six months of meeting in a local daycare, our church was given land on Old Hollow Road (Hwy. 66). Our church has been through four building projects and we are celebrating our 41st anniversary as a church in 2019.
After these many years in the ministry, I have tried during these years to educate myself in the Bible through various schools and training. Also, studying counseling to prepare me to assist people with their problems and with living life. The ministry has been very rewarding and satisfying even though at times it can be very difficult and stressful at the same time.
I cannot imagine doing anything else, because there is no greater work than reaching out to my fellow man not to judge, but to offer help and direction. My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.
Our son has worked hard and we are very proud of him. He and his wife have one child, which is our precious granddaughter. I love my family and am very thankful for each one of them.
In all these years, I think the greatest challenge is to learn your priorities. It's not how much money you have, it's not how big your house is, it's not about what kind of car you drive. If you focus only on these you will wind up with an empty life. To many people live their life without God. Putting their job first and foremost, even above their family. It's not about what you have, it's about what you are.

School Story:

The years I spent driving a school bus were great.And who could forget ROTC, marching, getting to carry those M-14 rifles and going to Oak Ridge Military Academy and shooting at their rifle range. Then going to the old Army Base at Butner to camp out and fire M-14's and M-16's.
All of the teachers were great at East. I really enjoyed being on the newspaper staff 'The Talon".Mrs. Ashworth carried us to view channel 8 television station and see them broadcast the news. What would P.E. have been without Mr. Blaylock, he would make the little guys(like me) get on top of the hill in the football stadium and then he told the big guys to throw us off the hill.
Then in wrestling he paired the little guys against the big guys. He taught us how to get tough and not be afraid of life's challenges. I enjoyed being manager of the JV basketball team one year, it was as close as I could come to being on the team, with my ability. Mr. Pinkston was a good coach. Great students at East, alot of memories.
Our home was burglarized several years ago, the only thing I got back was my East High School Ring. A detective found it when he arrested a neighorhood kid for some breaking and enterings. That was great, it only cost $35.00 when I ordered it, but my Mom sacrificed to buy it since my Dad had been out of work due to health problems and we really could not afford it.

Which Jr High did you attend?

I attended Walkertown Jr. High.

If your spouse, or siblings attended East, please name them,and their graduating year

My older brother Michael O. Styers graduated in 1967.
My Sister Sherry B. Styers graduated in 1983.

A lot of us have cousins around our same age that are EFHS alumni - and in which a lot of us probably don't know about your connection. Tell us who your EFHS cousins are - and when they graduated

Cathy Styers 1972

Where all have you lived?

When Patsy and I were married, we lived in an new apartment building built on Highway 158 in Walkertown for $90.00 a month. Patsy was finishing her senior year at East when we were married. She was afraid I would join the Army before she could graduate. All my buddies quit school and joined in our Junior year. I wanted to finish school. So, I never joined the Armed Forces.
Our first house, we rented on Old Walkertown Road for $90.00 a month. Then we bought our first house on McGee Road in Walkertown. Little Gary was born while living at Old Walkertown Road about two years after we were married.We moved to our present home forty years ago.

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